Untitled Underground Railroad Project

On the heels of U.S. racial inequality protests and the lead up to the 2020 elections, five Black and Latino cyclists embark on a 1,114-mile ride inspired by the Underground Railroad.

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Funding Initiative
Series and Special Projects
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Fisayo Olajide

Fiz Olajide is a filmmaker whose work fuses both cinéma vérité and composed filming techniques. Fiz has brought stories to life that cover wrongful conviction, drag king culture, and domestic violence. Her mission as a Black female filmmaker is to create art that carries an undeniable purpose and gives a real dimension to our ideals.

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Executive Producer

Nerenda Eid

Executive Producer Nerenda Eid has been producing commercials, branded content, and experiential for over 15 years. Known for her forward-thinking approach and extensive network, she has also applied her expertise, eye for talent, and attention to detail in her approach to independent narrative and now documentary film.

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Jon Lynn

Jon Lynn is a Brooklyn-based freelance filmmaker and adrenaline junkie with 15 years of film experience and even more years of cycling. He has the unique ability to seamlessly transition from shoot to edit, and is outdone only by the dynamic pieces he creates.

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The Film

On the heels of the historic COVID-19 pandemic and global protests for racial justice, five Black and Latinx cyclists embark on an ambitious 1,114 mile journey inspired by the Underground Railroad, across the Deep South up to Washington, DC. A string of unforeseen events on the road test their resolve, relationships and their very sense of self.