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We join forces with visionaries like you from across America to bring risk-taking independent film to the public.

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    Open Call

    Open Call provides documentary funding and co-production support so you can complete your nonfiction work in progress, then air it on public television.

    Reopens June 10, 2019 9:00 AM PDT

    Recent Open Call Projects

    Digital Open Call

    Digital Open Call offers research and development funding for you to pilot a story on public media digital platforms. Pre-production nonfiction projects only.

    Reopens Winter 2020

    Recent Digital Open Call Projects

    Diversity Development Fund

    DDF gives producers of color up to $25,000 in research and development funding so you can develop your documentary for air on public television. Pre-production nonfiction projects only.

    Reopens August 5, 2019 9:00 AM PDT

    Recent Diversity Development Fund Projects

    Series and Special Projects

    We commission a limited number of innovative and timely projects for public media, providing development and production funding. Submissions for Series and Special Project funding are by invitation-only. This collection also encompasses documentary films funded through limited special open calls held over the years.

    Recent Series and Special Projects

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    1. Tribeca Film Festival

      April 24 - May 5, 2019
      New York, NY
      Executive Producer of Independent Lens

      Lois Vossen

      Series Producer, Digital Initiatives

      Pamela Torno

    2. Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

      April 25 - May 5, 2019
      Toronto, Canada
      Vice President of Content

      Noland Walker

    3. DocLands Documentary Film Festival

      May 4-4, 2019
      San Rafael, CA
      Supervising Producer

      Michael Ehrenzweig

    4. Bentonville Film Festival

      May 7-11, 2019
      Bentonville, AR
      Series Producer, Independent Lens

      Amy Shatsky-Gambrill

    5. CAAM Fest

      May 9-19, 2019
      San Francisco, CA
      Supervising Producer

      Michael Kinomoto

    6. PBS Annual Meeting

      May 29-31, 2019
      New Orleans, LA
      Director of Production

      David Eisenberg

      Senior Vice President of Content

      Jim Sommers

      Executive Producer of Independent Lens

      Lois Vossen

      Vice President of Content

      Noland Walker

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    From our blog

    1. ITVS Honored with Four Peabody Awards

      April 16, 2019

      We are pleased to announce that of the eight winners in the Documentary category of the prestigious Peabody Awards, ITVS-funded filmmakers were honored with four awards. The 2019 Peabody Award recipients were Minding the Gap, Lorraine Hansberry: Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart,  Dolores, and The Judge. Honoring the “most powerful, enlightening and

    2. Who Gets To Tell These Stories Matter

      March 8, 2019

      Orthodox Jewish culture, paramedics, and humor round out director Paula Eiselt's intimate portrait of a group of women in Brooklyn who pushed back against their establishment.  Paula was able to draw upon her cultural connection to the women who form the Ezras Nahim collective and build the trust needed to tell their story.  With grace and patience,

    3. That's A Wrap, ITVS Independents Summit Winter 2019

      February 28, 2019

      What could be more dramatic than a meeting of fresh, creative minds coming together to discuss the future of independent films? The ITVS Independents Summit is a gathering of filmmakers, ITVS staff, and partners to exchange views on the best approach to bring more diverse content to public media.  For one week, we opened our doors and welcomed an