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Posted on July 5, 2011

A sampling of coverage from The Huffington Post, Hyphen, Indian Country Today and more…


The Huffington Post: Two Spirits: Overlapping Identities for First Nations People The story of Fred Martinez's life and death is a compelling story for so many reasons. Particularly the fact that the movie was the first time I have seen the story of Two Spirit people highlighted, front and center. I am grateful to the filmmakers and participants who brought Fred's story forward.

Indian Country Today: Nádleehí and Proud Two Spirits, a documentary that chronicles the life and death of a transgender Navajo teenage boy, will debut on June 14 on the Emmy-winning PBS series Independent Lens. The 60-minute film, directed and co-produced by Lydia Nibley of Riding the Tiger Productions, tells the story of Fred Martinez, who was what the Navajo call nádleehí—a male with a feminine essence. Two Spirits Debuts on Independent Lens Tuesday, June 14 Fred Martinez made a courageous choice—to be himself—and paid for it with his life. This in a country where rugged individualism and freedom of expression are highly treasured traditions. Two Spirits is a moving film, a tribute to his courage. Hyphen Magazine: Q&A with Tales of the Waria Director Kathy Huang Huang’s latest film, Tales of the Waria, follows a community of transgender women who are looking for romance and intimacy in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country. Through their stories, she hopes to challenges your ideas about gender, Islam, and love.  I caught up with the Los Angeles-based documentary film director recently, in advance of the summer screenings of her film. 

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