Recently Funded by ITVS

Posted on May 1, 2009

ITVS funds, distributes and promotes new programs produced by independent producers primarily for public television and beyond. We're proud to announce the latest projects recently funded by ITVS. We look forward to working with each of the filmmakers to support their broadcast and continued effort to bring a diversity of programming to viewers. Congratulations to all the filmmakers! 


CIRCO (Circus) By Aaron Schock
Living and performing on the road since the 19th century, the hardscrabble Ponce family circus struggles to preserve their art and way of life against the backdrop of Mexico's collapsing rural economy. Co-production of ITVS 

GIVE UP TOMORROW By Michael Collins & Marty Syjuco
When a teenager from a political family in the Philippines is accused of double murder, the country's judicial system is put to the test after years of alleged corruption. Co-production of ITVS 

IN THE SHADOW OF LITTLE ROCK: The Life of Daisy Bates By Sharon La Cruise
A look at the life of African American political activist and newspaper publisher Daisy Bates. Co-production of ITVS, in association of NBPC 


STRONG! By Julie Wyman Weightlifter Cheryl Haworth struggles to defend her champion status as her lifetime weightlifting career inches towards its inevitable end. Co-production of ITVS


WHEN I WALK By Jason DaSilva and In Face Films/When I Walk Inc. The personal story of Jason DaSilva, who at the young age of 25, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Co-production of ITVS, in association with CAAM 


HARLEM IN MONTMARTRE: A Paris Jazz Story By Dante James and Charles Hobson Based on the book by William Shack, HARLEM IN MONTMARTRE: A Paris Jazz Story looks at the impact of African American performers and musicians during the great jazz era of Paris. Co-production of WNET, ITVS, Ideale Audience SAS and Arte France


THE STORM THAT SWEPT MEXICO By Raymond Telles The complex historical, social, political, economic and cultural forces that shaped the Mexican Revolution and its legacy. Co-production of ITVS, in association with LPB 


FACING THE STORM By Doug Hawes-Davis A chronicle of the complex relationship between bison and North Americans from pre-historic times to the present. Co-production of ITVS, in association with KUFM-TV/MontanaPBS


IT’S A GIRL’S LIFE By Tug Yourgrau An exploration into the obstacles girls face during their adolescent years. Co-production of ITVS, in association with OPB


THE LORD IS NOT ON TRIAL HERE TODAY By Jay Rosenstein The personal story of the woman responsible for one of the most important and landmark First Amendment cases in U.S. Supreme Court history that set the foundation for the separation of church and state in public schools. Co-production of ITVS and WILL-TV

WAILA! MAKING THE PEOPLE HAPPY By Daniel Golding The history and evolution of Waila, the contemporary dance music of southern Arizona's tribal communities. Co-production of ITVS in association with Eight/KAET and NAPT


WHO KILLED CHEA VICHEA? By Loud Mouth Films The mystery behind the assassination of a Cambodian labor leader set against the backdrop of the international garment trade. Co-production of ITVS, in association with WGBH 


AFRICAN SCHOOL By Nicki Stoker, Max Baring, Ed Kellie and Sarah Hamilton A series that captures the daily lives, concerns and personalities of young Africans and their teachers in Masindi, Uganda.


CHINESE SCHOOL By Marcus Jones, Sarah Howitt, Sarah Hamilton, Daisy Newton Dunn and Drankie Fathers A year at a small town school in rural Anhui, China, where a group of families, teachers and children reveal stories of hardship, joy and success.


COWBOYS IN INDIA By Simon Chambers, Teddy Leifer and Paul TaylorAided by two inept locals, director Simon Chambers investigates the poorest area in India where a tribe is fighting to save a sacred mountain from multinational mining moguls who say its resources will bring prosperity to the people.Co-production of Rise Films Limited, Tiffin Films Limited and ITVS International 


IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEYS By John Murray A two-part series that follows the greatest traditional journeys from around the world as seen through the eyes of people who still travel them. Produced by Crossing the Line Films in Association with ITVS International for National Geographic Channel


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