Light of the Setting Sun

A heartfelt exploration of the multigenerational trauma that has dogged a large Chinese family across time and borders.

family members at a wedding in Taipel, Taiwan
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filmmaker Vicky Du

Vicky Du

Vicky Du is a Taiwanese-American filmmaker based in New York. LIGHT OF THE SETTING SUN is her first feature-length documentary which explores intergenerational trauma in her own Chinese-Taiwanese-American family. The film has been generously supported by CAAM, ITVS, Sundance, BAVC, and Points North Institute.

Headshot of Danielle Varga

Danielle Varga

Danielle Varga is a nonfiction producer. She most recently produced Bulletproof directed by Todd Chandler, who won the Hot Docs Award for Best Emerging International Filmmaker. She produced Brett Story’s critically acclaimed documentary The Hottest August and co-produced Kirsten Johnson's award-winning and Oscar-shortlisted film Cameraperson.

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The Film

Filmmaker Vicky Du investigates the multigenerational trauma that has haunted her family since the Chinese Communist Revolution drove her grandparents from their home in 1949. Motivated by a familial suicide attempt, Du traces instances of mental illness across four generations as the family has spread from the East to the West. Roving between Taipei, Taiwan, Heishui and Dongguan, China, Toronto, Los Angeles, and New Jersey, Du offers an unflinching glimpse of the wounds time and refuge won't heal. In addition to exploring identity and gender roles within Chinese culture, she asks the question: Does family history ensure a fixed path in life, or can future generations be free from the past?