The Judge

An intimate look inside Shari'a Law, through the eyes of its first female judge.

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Erika Cohn

Erika Cohn grew up attending the Sundance Film Festival as a native Utahn, where she first began her career. Filmmaking has enabled Erika to travel the world — to places such as to Cambodia where she shot Giant Steps, a documentary about the reinstitution of art after the Khmer Rouge, which aired on PBS in May 2009. Most recently, Erika associate produced the Frontline/American Show more Experience series God in America. Erika has received numerous accolades for her films, including a Director’s Guild of America award for her film, When the Voices Fade. She attended Chapman University in Orange, California where she graduated with degrees in Film Production and Middle Eastern Studies. In addition to In Football We Trust, Erika is distributing the documentary Boys of Bonneville, and serves as a US Ambassadorial Film Scholar to Israel. Show less

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The Film

The Judge provides rare insight into Shari'a law (Islamic law), an often misunderstood legal framework for Muslims, told through the eyes of the first woman judge to be appointed to the Middle East's religious courts. The film intimately portrays Judge Kholoud Al-Faqih's trials and tribulations in achieving justice for women within the Shari'a courts of the West Bank, detailing the courtroom drama and resistance she and her male counterpart, a progressive Sheik, face daily.