Worker Drone

At GlobeCom India, Rahul’s days blend together. But an office showdown offers him a rare chance to leave his dungeon-like home.

Worker drone 01
Premiere Date
April 14, 2011
22 minutes
Funding Initiative
Digital Series and Special Projects

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The Film

Rahul’s days blend together. GlobeCom India, his employer, specializes in remote systems operation. When Rahul leaves his dungeon-like GlobeCom office, he goes to his dungeon-like living quarters in Technology City. But things change when an American contractor announces a new partnership with GlobeCom — Planet Dogstar, a massive multi-player online flying combat simulator where players shoot down targets on an alien planet. GlobeCom is hired to operate and manage the game. To decide who will lead and manage the operation, the company organizes an office showdown: whoever shoots down the most targets wins the promotion as well as a one-week furlough to leave Technology City. Can Rahul beat his coworkers to win the game?